Parent Resources:

Anxiety and Depression | anxiety-and-depression

Baby Blues vs. Postpartum Depression | What's the difference? 

Baby Feeding Log | baby-feeding-schedule.pdf

Baby Schedule: Sample 4-6 Month Old Schedule | Sample

Baby's Schedule: Sample 6 Month Old's Schedule | Sample

Baby's Schedule: Sample 10 Month Old's Schedule | Sample

Baby Sleep Cycles w/ graphic | Understanding-BRAC-w-graphic-v2011-1.pdf   

Back to Sleep | backtosleep.pdf

Belly Balls Card | Belly_Balls_Card.pdf

Benzocaine and Teething | Benzocaine-and-teething.pdf 

Breastfeeding, early | Videos to help establish breastfeeding  

Breastfeeding, what to do when milk isn't in | days 1-5 

Breastfeeding, overcoming common difficulties | extensive education from the Int’l Breastfeeding Centre

Breastfeeding, general | AAP's resource web page on breastfeeding

Breast Pumps, Keeping them Clean | CDC Fact Sheet

Burping a Baby Video | How to Burp a Baby

Car Seat | Safety Recommendations 

Car Seat Reviews | Consumer Affairs

Choking | What to do if Baby is Choking

Circumcision | What are the Pros & Cons? 

Family Leave Laws by State |  Maternity/Paternity Leave

Flange Fit | flange-fit.pdf

Hiring Help | Questions to Ask a Potential Caregiver

How Much Formula Should I Feed My Baby? | Video here

How Much Milk Should I Feed My Baby? | Video here

Newborn Weight Loss Calculator |

Medical & Health Questions? |

Medication while Pregnant & Nursing?| NIH database of what's safe 

Meds and Environmental Safety While Pregnant & Nursing | 

Meltdowns! How to Prevent Them | Preventing-Meltdown-v-2011-2.pdf  

Milk Protein Study | milk-protein-study.pdf

Mylicon & Simethicone | mylicon.pdf

Nap Schedules - N.A.P.S. | NAPS.pdf

P.O.S.T.B.I.R.T.H | Possible Birth Complications and When to call 911 or your Doctor

PPD Facts | PPD-Facts.docx

Postpartum Depression or Baby Blues? | How to Know 

Safe Formula Prep | safeformulaprep.pdf 

Self- Care| Creating a Postpartum Plan 

SIDS & Safe Sleep | What a Safe Sleep Environment looks like

Sleeping Through the Night | 3 steps to help

Sleep for Parents |

Swaddle, How To | Video here

Twins: The 4 Things You Really Need | What to Expect

Tummy Time Video | TummyTime troubles Solved

Why babies cry | Why-babies-cry.pdf

Zika Virus | CDC Updates