Our Services:

Overnight Care


Let Mommy Sleep provides overnight care to newborns and evidence based education to their parents for as long as a family needs. A typical overnight is 10pm-7am.

While our model is to have a Registered Nurse in during the sensitive perinatal period and then step down to a Newborn Care Provider, parents may choose to work solely with a Nurse, Newborn Care Provider or a combination of the two.

Night nurse services are available for single babies, twins and higher order multiples. View our FAQ’s here.

Corporate Services


Let Mommy Sleep proudly offers overnight newborn care as an Employee Benefit. This simple program allows employers to extend overnight baby nurse care to expecting and new parents by the month, week or night.

Our program was featured on TODAY.com and Parents Magazine. As the industry leader in overnight newborn care, we are the only care agency that holds a government contract to teach and certify newborn caregivers.

Sleep Registry & Gift Certificates


Let Mommy Sleep is pleased to present an innovative, practical and green alternative to the traditional baby registry…The Sleep Registry™.

Like a customary baby registry, loved ones contribute to your account online. Unlike a traditional registry, funds contributed are used to purchase something truly needed; hours of overnight newborn care service!

Any amount of sleep hours may be purchased.