About Us - New Jersey:

Let Mommy Sleep began in 2010 by a mom who saw the need for qualified newborn care through her own experiences after having twins and a young toddler.  Since then we've become the nationally recognized Industry Leaders in postpartum care as the country's complete team of Registered Nurses (RN), Newborn Caregivers, Lactation Counselors and IBCLC's. We're proud to bring nurturing care to newborns, and evidence based education to parents in Northern New Jersey. 


What areas do you serve?

We help families in Morris, Essex, Bergen, Passaic, Union and Hudson Counties. If you're in southern NJ, try contacting our Philadelphia office. We will do our very best to help if your outside of these counties.

What happens while the Night Nanny is here? 

We're in your home to support you. This looks a little different for each family and sometimes people refer to this as postpartum doula care, but service generally includes:

  • diapering, feeding, burping, soothing, swaddling and bathing baby
  • breast and bottle feeding support
  • support getting baby on a schedule, sleeping independently and sleeping through the night (if that's the parents' goal!)
  • perinatal care to help mother recuperate from birth
  • making sure parents are rested and ready for the day; pump parts are sterile, bottles are prepared and baby's nursery is tidy
  • helping transfer babies into their own rooms/cribs

What do I need to provide?

We only need whatever you baby needs. Water, formula/milk, bottles, a nasal aspirator, access to diapers, wipes and clothing.  The living area next to the kitchen works really well. We don't need a bed or a private room, justa comfortable area to care for baby. 

How do you vet your staff?

Our Registered Nurses (RN’s), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Medical Technicians and Certified Nursing Assistants carry their Nursing Board licenses. This means they have had clinical training and are accountable to the New Jersey Board of Nursing

Additionally, our non-clinical caregivers with newborn and infant care experience have private duty experience or have passed the Newborn Care Provider (NCP) certificate program. While we work with a select few postpartum doulas, our team follow the NCP certificate guidelines. 

Background checks, sparkling references, vaccinations and flu shots are madatory and we're happy to share these with you.  

I am having twins! Can you help?

Yes! We can feed the babies, help them get on the same sleep schedule and support our families with twins, triplets and higher order multiples.

I’m breastfeeding, what’s the point of having a night nurse?

In the first nights home from the hospital, your Nurse will offer lactation support to ensure nursing is off to a successful start.  She will then provide all care after baby has nursed; changing, burping, diapering and soothing back to sleep.

As the nights weeks go by and baby becomes more wakeful, a Newborn Care Provider still supports mom through her nursing session and also allows mother to sleep during baby's wakeful times. Our goal is for you to never get out of bed unless you want to. 

How do I know what's happening overnight? 

We have our own in house App called LMS Live which documents babies feeding time, duration, diapers, time back to sleep and all other notes about baby's night.  This allows our families to have a real-time log of baby's activity and also allows us to see patterns emerging related to baby's sleep.

We also use a good old pencil and paper and this Eat-Activity-Sleep log so families have the information in written form as well.  

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes! Gift Certificates can be purchased here, or you can start a Sleep Registry!