About Us:

Let Mommy Sleep is a team of Registered Nurses (RN) and Newborn Caregivers providing nurturing overnight care to newborns, and evidence based education to their parents. 


Do the Nurses & Caregivers sleep while they are here?

NO! We do not sleep while caring for your child. Sleeping would mean we are not safely monitoring your baby or responding to their needs in a timely manner.

When a baby wakes in the night to the point of crying and waking someone up, this means s/he's in an advanced state of hunger or discomfort. Our job as professional caregivers is to respond to baby's cues before baby gets to that crying state.  This allows baby to have calm, efficient nursing sessions/feeds which then allows them to digest and then rest properly. This is how babies eventually sleep longer stretches through the night. 

What exactly happens while the Night Nurse is here? Do I even need newborn care?

The role of the Registered Nurse or Newborn Care Provider (NCP) is to transition families home from the hospital with their newborn, provide evidence based education and ongoing support to parents as needed. This means we provide:

  • any and all care of the child while we’re in your home (diapering, feeding, burping, soothing, swaddling, bathing and whatever else your baby needs
  • evidence based education to parents
  • breast and bottle feeding support
  • support getting baby on a schedule and sleeping through the night if that is parents goal
  • perinatal care to help mother recuperate from birth

Your baby nurse or NCP will also document baby’s feeding, diaper changes and other relevant info using our documentation App, LMS Live.

What do I need to provide while the nurse is here?

Families need only provide whatever their child needs.  Water, formula, breastmilk, bottles, a nasal aspirator, access to diapers and whatever clothing or items you feel baby needs.  Caregivers also need a small lamp and comfortable area to monitor baby.  (A completely dark nursery doesn't work very well.)

Who are your staff exactly? How can I feel safe with them?

Our Registered Nurses (RN’s), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Medical Technicians and Certified Nursing Assistants carry their Nursing Board licenses. This means they have had clinical training and that our company is accountable to the State Board of Nursing. You can look up your caregiver on your state's Nursing Board.

Our non-clinical caregivers with newborn and infant care experience have private duty experience or have passed the Newborn Care Provider (NCP) certificate program.

Background checks, vaccinations and flu shots are compulsory and the night nurses are happy to share these with you. 

I am having twins! HELP!!!

We adore multiples!  Remember most multiples are born preemie size, meaning that they need to eat every 2 hours, rather than every 3. This translates to 12 feeds per day for each baby…or 24 feeds in 24 hours!

LMS night nurses and Newborn Care Providers can easily handle all nighttime feeding, daily planning and allow the babies to get on the same schedule.

I’m breastfeeding, what’s the point of having a night nurse?

In the first nights home from the hospital your LMS nurse offers lactation support through your breastfeeding session to ensure nursing is off to a successful start.  She will then provide all care after baby has nursed; changing, burping, diapering and soothing back to sleep.

As the nights weeks go by and baby becomes more wakeful, a Newborn Care Provider still supports mom through her nursing session and also allows mother to sleep during baby's wakeful times.

How do the Nurses and NCP's document my baby's activity through the night? How do I know what's happening? 

We have our own in house App called LMS Live which documents babies feeding time, duration, diapers, time back to sleep and all other notes about baby's night.  This allows our families to have a real-time log of baby's activity and also allows us to see patterns emerging related to baby's sleep.

We also use a good old pencil and paper and this Eat-Activity-Sleep log so families have the information in written form as well. 

How do you help the community?

We have a 501c3 non-profit extension called Mission: Sleep which provides free, overnight newborn care to military families and first responders where one parent is deployed, wounded or deceased when baby is born. Donations are always welcome. Mission Sleep is run through our admin office, so over 90% of your donation goes toward providing care (the other 10% goes to paying the nurses, web hosting and insurance).

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes! Gift Certificates can be purchased here

We also have a Sleep RegistryTM  which allows friends and family to donate to new parent accounts for NO charge.